About the Program

Is your artistic practice or arts career ready for that next step?

This year’s Ottawa Arts Mentorship Program looks to bring together artists and cultural workers within the Ottawa arts community to develop skills, share resources and knowledge, and build networks for learnings and support.

*The Ottawa Arts Mentorship Program is only open to Arts Network Ottawa members. Membership is on a pay-what-you-choose basis. CLICK HERE to join or renew your membership!

We Are Seeking:
  • Leaders and professionals currently working in the Ottawa arts sector interested in becoming mentors. 
  • Artists, administrators, and cultural workers looking to take their career or practice to the next level as a mentee, or in a peer-to-peer setting. 
  • Pre-established mentor/mentee pairs that would like to formalize their learning through program participation.
Program Timeline:

*Additional learning events and workshops will be coordinated based on participants goals and interests.


Become a Mentee: 

Application forms can be found HERE.

Mentorship is a valuable and sought-after means expanding knowledge, skills, networks and relationships. Your mentorship will focus on specific topics and goals identified by YOU to establish and grow your practice or advance your career.

EXAMPLES: preparing for an exhibition; organizing your first tour; fundraising strategies,
entering management positions, etc.

  • You are paid for 40hrs @ $15/hr of 1-one-1 mentorship from a leader in your field or discipline
  • An added $200 to spend towards your mentorship goals
  • Free access to special workshops and resources, including a Financial Literacy series
  • A cohort of diverse program peers to connect, share and exchange with



Become a Mentor

Application forms can be found HERE.

Are you a leader and professional artist or arts administrator working in the Ottawa community? Do you identify as a mentor, or have experience with mentor-mentee training? Becoming a mentor is a rewarding experience and a way to give back to your community and the next generation of arts professionals. In a mentee-driven partnership, the mentee determines the pace, route and destination. The mentor is then able to offer insights and counsel that are focused on the mentee’s objectives.

  • You are paid for 40hrs @ $25/hr dedicated to support and mentorship of your mentee
  • Free access to special workshops and resources, including a Financial Literacy series
  • A cohort of diverse program peers to connect, share and exchange with



*NEW This Year: Peer-to-Peer learning

Application forms can be found HERE.

Are you interested in mutual support, knowledge-exchange or interacting across artistic disciplines and sectors? We welcome applicants with shared goals or complimentary skill sets to take part as peers and co-learners.

EXAMPLES: expertise-specific knowledge sharing, project collaboration, peer-editing, etc.

  • You are paid for 40hrs @ $20/hr dedicated to peer-to-peer cooperative learning 
  • An added $200 to spend towards your mentorship goals
  • Free access to special workshops and resources, including a Financial Literacy series
  • A cohort of diverse program peers to connect, share and exchange with


The Ottawa Arts Mentorship Program is only open to Arts Network Ottawa members. Membership is on a pay-what-you-choose basis. CLICK HERE to join or renew your membership. We welcome artists, administrators, and cultural workers of all disciplines, backgrounds, and levels of experience to apply. Additional financial support can be provided to mentees who face financial barriers in applying on a case-by-case basis.

Arts Network Ottawa is committed to prioritizing equity seeking groups as identified by the City of Ottawa. These groups include First Nations, Inuit, Metis, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQ+, New Canadians, Older Adults, People with disabilities, Francophones, and Rural Residents. 

Arts Network Ottawa will continue to be committed to a safe workplace where the principles of accountability, integrity, and transparency are prioritized. Mentorship Program participants are expected to abide by our Safer Spaces Policy.


You may choose to apply as a peer-to-peer co-learner, mentor, or mentee.  Mentee applicants can also indicate a desired Mentor in their application.  You may choose from our list of confirmed potential mentors – or request someone from the community. If you don’t have a mentor in mind, the Selection Committee will work to find a match!

We encourage applicants to contact staff with any questions about the program or their application.

If applying online is a barrier, please contact Arts Network Ottawa for alternative arrangements at 613.580.2767 x2006 | (written or oral applications). 

The deadline for applications is October 13 at 4:00pm.

Assessment Criteria

Mentorship pairings will be finalized by a selection committee. This committee is comprised of local professional artists and cultural workers with diverse backgrounds and experience in arts mentorship.

The most successful mentoring partnerships are those with clear and realistic goals, strong compatibility with mentor or peer-learner, and demonstrate tangible impact on the mentee or peer-learner’s practice.  Mentees should have the ability to accept constructive criticism and be receptive to thoughtful feedback. They should be open to new experiences and personal growth and show initiative and self-motivation.

The Assessment Committee will prioritize applicants reflecting equity-seeking groups outlined in the program description.

The assessment rubric used by the committee can be found HERE.

Contact Us

Alex Maltby (he/him)

Program Manager

613.580.2767 x2006


About Our Partners

About: MASC

MASC is a community arts organization, based in Ottawa, that brings the arts and culture alive for over 120,000 children, youth, teachers and seniors each year. MASC is an official-languages bilingual organization, with 35% of our programming offered in French.

MASC is committed to providing equal access to arts and cultural experiences to those living in underserved neighbourhoods and rural communities. In September 2020, MASC expanded its mandate to offer virtual programming across the country with the goal or reaching remote regions that don’t have access to diverse professional artists. By bringing artists into communities (virtually or in person), MASC reduces economic barriers through subsidized programming as well as removes institutional barriers by providing community members access professional arts programming where they live and go to school. MASC brings the arts to the people.

With the exception of the major festivals and the National Arts Centre, MASC has the largest audiences of any arts organization in the city.

About: WorkInCulture

WorkInCulture (WIC) is a non-profit arts service organization that has been serving the sector since 1997.

WorkInCulture supports and encourages artists, creatives, and all cultural workers to strive for success, whatever that may mean to each individual. They believe that happy and successful cultural workers of all kinds in return create happy and successful communities. 

“Together we can help one another to prosper and grow. We believe we can get there through collaboration, partnership, knowledge sharing, business, entrepreneurial, organizational and technical management skills.”

About: Take Up Space

TAKE UP SPACE (Ottawa ON) is the moniker for dance artist / writer Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson’s work.

TAKE UP SPACE seeks to manifest the unique energy and impetus aka possibilities unfolding within a spatial/energetic/musical landscape through contemporary creation and performance. TAKE UP SPACE searches for deep connection to rhythm and dynamic changes while exploring relational/spatial interdependence and sensorial perception. Always present is a fascination with the many ways an idea can be transmitted through art. TAKE UP SPACE is passionate about cultivating a living, breathing relationship with the audience and collaborators.

TAKE UP SPACE values and practices diversity & inclusivity in artistic creation and production, as well as collaboration, interdisciplinary workmanship and artist autonomy. TAKE UP SPACE works to actively engage in local and national initiatives, creating connections between artforms, artists and audience members.

About: APCM

This content is only available in French, click the link above to visit their website.

About: Carleton-Dominion Chalmers

Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre (CDCC) is Carleton University’s Arts, Performance and Learning Centre.  CDCC is dedicated to providing a welcoming, professional and safe environment to foster programming that is multigenerational, diverse, and inclusive.

CDCC is Carleton’s first downtown Ottawa building and is managed by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). The centre serves a variety of user groups from the community at large.

CDCC strives to ignite creative exploration and rich presentation opportunities, offering a unique event experience in a historical Ottawa heritage venue.

CDCC values community collaboration opportunities, fostering the creation of meaningful shared experiences.


This program is made possible through the generous financial support of Canada Council for the Arts, and the Community Foundation of Ottawa and Lisa Cruickshank Insurance & Financial Services Inc.