Ottawa (Ontario) – The Board of Directors of Arts Network Ottawa is pleased to announce that the ARTicipate Endowment Fund has hit its goal of raising $5M for artists and arts organizations.

The Fund was established in 2007 by Arts Network Ottawa with major funding from the Province of Ontario, businesses and private donors to support the artistic programming in professional spaces at Shenkman Arts Centre. The Fund provides its multi-discipline partners with grants for high-quality arts programming in the Ottawa community. Today, the Centre welcomes 175,000 visitors and offers over 1,000 cultural activities to the community annually.

Over the last 10 years, the Fund has provided over 150 grants totalling over $580,000 to local artists to showcase their work at the Shenkman Arts Centre. Although Arts Network Ottawa recognizes the difficulties artists face with project funding, the Fund does more than provide fiscal assistance to the artists, it creates a home for the arts. The Centre has been able to house five Resident Art Partners who have be able to thrive in their respected fields and created a legacy for the arts in our community.

With the help of the Fund, MIFO has been able to present stellar Francophone performing arts, the Gloucester Pottery School serves more than 3000 patrons each year, Ottawa School of Theatre is able to produce more than 50 student performances and 30 classes each year, the Ottawa School of Art is able to offer classes to all ages from fine arts to multi-media and animation as well as the hundreds of other individual grant winners who have had their work displayed in the Shenkman Arts Centre.

“I am pleased by how the Shenkman Arts Centre has successfully become a home for Ottawa’s artists, both established and up and coming.  It is remarkable to see residents connect with these artists who clearly demonstrate our City’s creativity and growth” says Bill Shenkman, major donor to the ARTicipate Endowment Fund. In 2018, the Shenkman Family Foundation offered up a matching gift incentive for Arts Network Ottawa to get the job done. And so, we did.

The Shenkman Arts Centre celebrated its 10th Anniversary last week and its fitting that we closed the gap on the $5M fund at this time in order to continue providing social, economic and creative impact on our community. Thanks to our donors and partners who help provide vibrant, diverse and thriving programming to our local arts community we can foster a better community for ourselves and for future generations. Like our wonderful community, the more the fund grows the more it gives.

Visit the ARTicipate website to follow the artistic activity of grant recipients and the Shenkman Arts Centre.