Artist Reception / Vernissage
Friday, March 6, 2020
5:00pm to 9:00pm

Alpha Art Gallery
531 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Solo art exhibition runs
March 4 to 15, 2020

Gallery hours
Tue-Sat: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sun: 12:00pm to 5:00pm


Life is constantly evolving. New opportunities present themselves at every turn, each with its own unique invitation. Which will you accept? ‘New Horizons’ is the result of just such an invitation—to travel through landscapes of possibilities, to reveal inner potential yet to be explored. This series encourages the viewer to surrender to the beauty and strength of optimism at every turn.

Before embarking on any journey, it is worthwhile to pause and reflect on our personal priorities, so as to stay balanced. I have found that simplicity is vital. In these works, I capture my new horizon. Focusing on the monochromatic, without distraction, enabled me to experience a feeling of calm despite the textured sea of endless options.


Reception d’artiste / Vernissage
Le vendredi 6 mars 2020
17 h 00 à 21 h 00

Alpha Art Gallery
531 promenade Sussex
Ottawa, ON

Exposition d’art solo en cours
Du 4 au 15 mars 2020

Heures du gallerie
Du mardi au samedi, 10 h à 18 h
Dimanche, 12 h à 17 h


La vie évolue constamment. De nouvelles opportunités se présentent à chaque tournant, chacune avec sa propre invitation unique. Lequel accepterez-vous? ‘Nouveaux Horizons’ est le résultat d’une telle invitation—voyager à travers des paysages de possibilités, pour révéler un potentiel intérieur qui reste à explorer. Cette série encourage le spectateur à s’abandonner à la beauté et à la force de l’optimisme à chaque tournant.

Avant d’entreprendre un nouveau cheminement, il vaut la peine de prendre une pause et de réfléchir à nos priorités personnelles, afin de rester équilibré. J’ai trouvé que la simplicité est vitale. Dans ces œuvres, je capture mon nouvel horizon. En me concentrant sur le monochromatique, sans distraction, m’a permis de ressentir une sensation de calme malgré la mer texturée d’options infinies.


Nancy Brandsma was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1975. Since 2003, Nancy has received professional training in a variety of media through the Ottawa School of Art. She has dedicated herself to oil painting after resigning from her administrative position in 2009 to pursue her passion for the visual arts. As an active member of BRAVO (Bureau des Regroupements des Artistes Visuels de l’Ontario) she has participated in various art projects across Ontario including organizing BRAVO-EST participation in Ottawa’s first ever Nuit Blanche with the exhibit ‘Frenchkiss(er)’ in 2012. She is currently represented by Alpha Art Gallery and paints weekly on Tuesdays at the gallery. She has shown her work in several galleries and festivals across Ontario.

Video walk-through of Nancy's artworks currently being showcased at Alpha Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Enjoy a video walk-through of Nancy’s artworks currently being showcased at Alpha Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This presentation will give you a preview of what you can expect to see at her show in March.

“Preview of a very talented, devoted and passionately driven artist, Nancy Brandsma, with much discipline and productive spirit. (Nancy’s paintings) clearly revoke in us the feel of the paintings that Van Gogh has created … somehow it gives a bit of a feel of that. And Nancy brought it the next level, very contemporary and very present.” — Edith Sokolowski, Alpha Art Gallery

Video and commentary graciously provided by:
Edith Sokolowski
Director, Curator
Alpha Art Gallery



To view Nancy’s complete gallery of works, please visit:

Here are a just a few examples from her latest series…

There Is Light • w60″ x h60″ • oil on wood panel • (2020)
Blossoming • w60″ x h40″ • oil on wood panel • (2020)
Blue Illusion • w30″ x h30″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)
Earth Is Where I Want To Be • w30″ x h30″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)
Tranquility • w60″ x h40″ • oil on wood panel • (2020)
Ocean Blue 4 • w12″ x h16″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)
Ocean Blue 5 • w12″ x h16″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)
Off The Grid • w40″ x h40″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)
Soaring • w30″ x h30″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)
The Future is Now • w40″ x h40″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)
Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful • w30″ x h30″ • oil on wood panel • (2019)



Nancy Brandsma Visual Artist 613-715-2786 459 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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