Saturday, October 13th
Time: 10 am til 3 pm
Fee: $65
previous drawing experience is necessary!
Note: Space is limited – ONLY 6 spots available! This class won’t be offered again until 2019!

Discover the true magic of pencils in this single day, 5 hour workshop, which is designed to introduce you to the tools used by pencil artists who work in a realist style. Learn everything you need to know about the various tools required to work in graphite, how the different pencil grades behave and how to wield them to achieve particular results. Besides gaining an understanding about all the various tools that help create the magic, you will also learn the real secret behind achieving those beautifully smooth blended tones that so many artists struggle to perfect.

No previous drawing experience is necessary for this workshop . . . but because this class teaches fundamental, foundational knowledge for working with graphite in a realistic style, it is a pre-requisite for many of my other classes and workshops.

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