November 14, 2017

APT613 Brenda Dunn sat down with SPAO’s Jonathan Hobin on the future of photographic arts in Ottawa.

Apt613: Why did SPAO choose this time for their big move?

Jonathan Hobin: The lease in the market was coming up for renewal and we realized if the school had any hope for the future, we needed a larger space to accommodate a recent resurgence in interest in the program. It was make or break time.

I managed to squeeze into the space [in Little Italy] at the right time, and it was a lot of right things at the right time. Also a lot of community support. My father’s architectural firm is on the same street and they support what they call “crazy community art projects” every year and again it was the right place right time. They were willing to throw their support to the school and give thousands and thousands in hours and design. The right place, the right time, the right supports, the right relationships.

The founding director, who is Italian, grew up and worked at the bakery down the street. It’s a full circle moment for him and his legacy. There are a lot of happy circles going on.


When: Friday, Nov. 10, 2017, 7pm
Where: 77 Pamilla Street, Ottawa
SPAO.CA 613.562.3824
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Source: Apt613 Brenda Dunn on November 7, 2017