November 8, 2017






The Cultural Human Resources Council and Mercer Canada are seeking participation in a survey questionnaire for the National Compensation Study for Management and Administration in Not-for-profit Arts Organizations 2017.

Given the highly competitive labour market, having current compensation data is critical for recruitment, retention and human resource planning. As a result, this Compensation Study, an update of studies done in 2003 and 2008, funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council for the Arts, is being undertaken by the Cultural Human Resources Council and Mercer Canada.

In order to participate, please download the Comp Study Questionnaire 2017, complete at your convenience and return via email to: . Please note that, depending on the size of your organization, the survey may take up to one hour to complete.
To ensure confidentiality, Mercer is responsible for the distribution, collection and analysis of all data. Participant organizations will be listed in the report, however individual data will not be divulged; only aggregate findings will be shared.

The deadline to complete and submit the questionnaire is end of day Friday November 30, 2017. If you have any questions, please see the FAQ related to the study or contact us at

In appreciation of your participation, Mercer will provide each participant organization with a summary report of findings early in the new year.

Please share information about the survey with your networks.