March 11, 2019


In appearance, left to right: Olivia Joerges, Danielle Savoie, Karine Lévesque













Karine Lévesque

Program and Community Outreach Coordinator

“I am delighted to welcome Karine Lévesque to our new Coordinator team at Arts Network Ottawa. Along with Danielle Savoie, each bring together a new and renewed wealth of experience and dedication to Ottawa’s arts community and not-for-profit sector.”– Alex Maltby, Program Manager

Karine considers herself privileged to have witnessed first-hand the impact of local arts in our community from a young age. She has provided varied specialty arts programs for youth around Ottawa and is no stranger to working with local artists and community partners alike, having been part of the Shenkman Arts Centre’s events team since 2012. Graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Art History and Theory program, she took on the role of Manager at the Ottawa School of Theatre in 2015 where she gained invaluable experience in the field and was able to connect with community members daily.

As Project and Community Outreach Coordinator, she will be overseeing the development of a community-engaged arts network, supporting professional artists throughout their residencies and providing outreach to partners and the community in general.


Danielle Savoie

Membership and Program Coordinator

Danielle, our “jack of all trades”, has taken on many roles and responsibilities over the course of three and a half years of employment with Arts Network Ottawa.

Passionate about the arts community in Ottawa, Danielle cannot see herself working in any other sector. Previously, she worked at the National Art Centre Box Office and continues to work seasonally for the Ottawa Fringe Festival since 2013. Danielle has a Bachelor of Arts, Honours Major Specialization in Theatre with a Minor in Arts Administration from the University of Ottawa.

As Membership and Program Coordinator, she serves Arts Network’s members, donors, sponsors and the arts community, coordinates the fulfillment of member benefits, coordinates the implementation of programs, professional development and events, manages the Exhibition Space at Arts Network Ottawa, and coordinates and supervises volunteers.

Danielle continues to pursue her love for performance and has been seen at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, Fresh Meat Festival, Undercurrents Festival, and in parks and outdoor venues across Ottawa.

Olivia Joerges

Marketing Coordinator

“I’m very excited to introduce Olivia, our new Marketing Coordinator, and am looking forward to working with her in bringing a fresh and innovative look to Arts Network Ottawa.” – Margo Hébert, Manager, Marketing and Development.

Olivia has established an eclectic background working with non-profits in various Ottawa sectors over the past three years. She has always held a passion for community arts as a past Canterbury Literary Arts student and published creative writer.

Olivia hopes to bring her enthusiasm for the written word and multimedia to her work at Arts Network Ottawa to engage, invigorate and uplift local arts culture.

As the Marketing Coordinator, she will implement the development of sponsorship and donor campaigns, donor stewardship programs, fundraising and membership events, and ensure the effective delivery of marketing and public relations outreach to audiences in both official languages.