Original print by Melanie Yugo

In August, for its 2021 Symposium, Neighbourhood Arts Ottawa was drafting blueprints: ideas, conversations, and projects for a hopeful future.

Presented via a series of 9 pop-up events and artworks by Ottawa artists and community organizers, this collection highlighted art’s capacity to heal, re-imagine, and transform communities towards more just and inclusive futures for all.

View highlights and key learnings in our Symposium Community Blueprint.

Blueprints for a hopeful future

Melanie Yugo

Original print.

Online Offering

July 29, 2021


Renée Michaud

5-piece art and essay series that asks : What do you do when your blueprints for a hopeful future come alive, just to get a viral infection?

Online Offering

August 3-29, 2021

Live Connected

Edgar Hernandez

An immersive video projection staged within a shipping container about the interconnectivity between humans, nature, and community.

In-Person Event

August 7, 2021

From Parking Lot Into a Vibrant Community Hub

Vanier Community Association, Quartier Vanier BIA, Vanier CSC

In-Person Event

August 13, 2021

Art as the How

Third Way Creative

An interactive call-and-response session on co-creating and re-imagining public art for this moment.

Online Event

August 20, 2021

The Bélé Project

Suzan Richards & Overbrook Community Association

An outdoor Bélé dance workshop to reconnect neighbours after a long time apart.

In-Person Event

August 21, 2021

Radical Connections

cj fleury, Dr. Carol Wiebe, Dr. Fraser Rubens, Kim Kilpatrick, Oscar Dario Parra Amézquita

Cultivating roots between arts and healthcare.

Online Event

August 25, 2021

The Future Awaits

Claudia Salguero, MASC, Ottawa Art Gallery

A public conversation between grade 4 and 5 artists about the future of our dreams.

Online Event

August 25, 2021

Ottawa Talent Showcase

Afro Black Cultural Centre

Young artists Mentorship and talent showcase.

In-Person Event

August 28, 2021