Arts Network Ottawa serves its Membership through advocacy, arts engagement, resources and connections and the promotion of local arts. By listening to our Members, we can act on behalf of and for the greater arts community in Ottawa. Interested artists, performers, cultural workers, businesses, organizations and the general public are invited to join our Network and get involved!

Introducing Pay-What-You-Can Membership

Arts Network Ottawa strongly believes in solidarity and supporting our community the best we can.
In these unprecedented times, we look to honour our values of inclusivity by remaining accessible. For this reason, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to introduce our new Pay-What-You-Can Membership.

All new and returning members of Arts Network Ottawa will have the opportunity to determine the cost of membership that is affordable for them, while still gaining access to all of our available member benefits.

The Pay-What-You-Can Membership will be available through September 2021. This means if you have already renewed your membership this year, you will still be able to take advantage of this opportunity come your next renewal date in 2021.

We hope this new option can ensure everyone feels they have a place in our community. Together, we are a stronger arts community. For the expanded listing of benefits and services for Arts Network Ottawa members, view our Benefits Listing:

Membership Benefits 2020

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2021 RATES

Individual Member
$30 or Pay-What-You-Can for any member of the arts community

$50 (artistic budgets under $25,000)
$85 (artistic budgets $25,001 to $100,000)
$100 (artistic budgets $100,001 to $1M)
$125 (artistic budgets $1M+)
Or Pay-What-You-Can

$30 for any community member
$85 (business budgets under $100,000)
$100 (budgets of $100,001 to $1M)
$125 (budgets of $1M+)
Or Pay-What-You-Can

For more information:
Margo Hébert, Manager, Marketing and Development, is happy to answer any of your membership questions.