Giving Tuesday is the one day of the year where people and organizations working to transform their communities call on the power of people coalescing to transform the world around them. This year it is on November 30th 

The Ottawa arts community is vibrant and diverse. It is growing exponentially, and we are working hard to help meet the needs of our community through a variety of programs, services, and collaborations. As an arts service organization, nothing is more satisfying than providing the Ottawa arts community tools and support to further their artistic practice!

Some of the work we’ve done this year includes: 


OBAK/ “See Me Now,” Many of the artists who are part of the show have expressed how fortunate they are to have this opportunity to exhibit their work at the Shenkman Art Centre because it is such a beautiful and accessible space. They are also excited to be part of a project that lifts the voices of BIPOC artists and provides an opportunity for them to learn from other artists. For some artists, this is their first exhibition, and they are delighted to have the opportunity to show their work and collaborate and share for other artists in the show.” 

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This year’s hybrid edition of our annual Artpreneur Conference addressed challenges and opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to engage in digital spaces!

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Ottawa Mentorship Program: 

“I have so much more experience applying for arts grants, exhibitions, and opportunities in general. I feel like the mentorship has helped me feel like I can actually apply for these things and have a chance at funding and support.”

              – Ayesh, Ottawa Arts Mentorship program participant. 

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CPAMO (Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario): In collaboration with MASC and the Multicultural Artist Coalition, the CPAMO Ottawa Network provides a free workshop series prioritizing artists who identify as immigrant, refuge and indigenous, Black and people of colour.

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Ottawa Cultural Venue Recovery Project (HVAC): 

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This is but a glimpse of the work and collaborations happening at Arts Network Ottawa. YOU are quintessential to the work we accomplish at Arts Network Ottawa and your support helps us offer a diverse set of programming. Be a part of the change! Click on the link below to donate today!