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August 29, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Great Big Blues

From expansive skies to flowing water, from Prussian Blue to Ultramarine the Great Big Blues invites you to experience the luminous spaces created by painter Nathalie Frenière and to plumb the depths of the waters explored by ceramist Lise Goulet.

Although the artists work in different mediums they share concerns about the environment; both are drawn to the beauty and power of the natural world, to its diversity and ability to awe. By sharing their observations they lead you to contemplate the phenomena of the Great Big Blues. From time immemorial poets, philosophers and scientists questioned and still question the effect and the state of the Great Big Blues. Vital part of our existence and inspiration of dreams the Great Big Blues act as a barometer of the global condition.

Intensely colored skies flood the pictorial space of Nathalie Frenière’s oil paintings which when the horizon line is not visible transforms the work from a natural image to an abstract one. By focusing in on the subject, qualities previously overlooked are noticed.

Co-exhibitor Lise Goulet, working with clay, shares Frenière’s interest in surface effects. Using a variety of tools she stamps and gouges the malleable clay impressing on it marine forms floating in the deep waters. Circling the pot they create a soothing rhythm. Goulet is also interested in color but a subdued one which echoes the mood of the cool waters. Different shades of blue are meticulously blended and applied to simulate transparency, an important element in the depiction of water.

Stimulated by the beauty of nature, Lise Goulet begins by creating forms that reflect her interest in the sea and its creatures. The functional pieces then become explorations of form. For Nathalie Frenière, depicting beauty of nature begins with luminous fogs from which ancient ruins, towns and hamlets are sketched. Frenière also moves to higher grounds from which abstract, nonfigurative spaces emerge. Both artist reveal artistic intentions that go beyond what first meets the eye.

Study of nature is paramount to both artists and, they share a common interest for the Great Big Blues. All the nuances of the blue impulse are used here to give form not only to the ephemeral, to the fugitive, but also to the tangible, the concrete of these objects shaped by the energy of the earth and the constant, not to say indefatigable, H2O cycle.

Water, ice and steam … the Great Big Blues, an art show where the artists Nathalie Frenière and Lise Goulet invite you to see if not, to rethink the blue planet.

Nathalie Frenière
Lise B. L. Goulet


August 29, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Arts Network Ottawa


Exhibition Space at Arts Network Ottawa
260-245 Centrum Boulevard
Ottawa, Ontario K1E 0A1 Canada
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