Having impact, bringing change

Arts Network Ottawa is a results-driven arts service organization. By 2020, we aim for a vibrant, diverse and thriving Ottawa arts scene to be at the heart of a strong community.

Through our collaborative efforts, we are working toward an inclusive and community-minded city, rich with arts and creativity where:

  • residents can be inspired and engage with a diverse range of arts across the region
  • arts professionals can have successful careers
  • our region’s arts organizations are healthy and a vital part of their neighbourhoods
  • the arts are seen as essential to our well-being

Our efforts focus on:

  • Strengthening our local arts eco-system and the region’s arts organizations
  • Helping emerging and developing artists to advance their careers
  • Supporting our 300 member artists and arts groups
  • Building partnerships and collaborations with those who share our belief that the Arts build strong, vibrant communities.


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