The following artwork was created by members of Arts Network Ottawa and appears in the banner images on our website with their permission.

Please contact the artist directly to purchase works or for more information about where you can see more of their work.


Josée Francoeur, ‘Légende d’automne’, oil on canvas, ©2017

Josee Francoeur:


Heather Dubreuil, ‘Brooklyn #6’, textile art

Heather Dubrueuil:

Venz Vesselinov, ‘Moments-XXXII’, acrylic, ©2015

Venz Vesselinov:

Artwork credit: Sylvie Labreque, Je reviens à la maison, coloured pencil on paper, ©2017

Sylvie Labrecque: 


Anna Wagner-Ott, The glow from within, encaustic, ©2017

Anna Wagner-Ott:


Artwork credit: Henry Brynkus, ‘Light’


Clara Kim, Plum Blossom with all my heart, acrylic, ©2017

Clara Kim: