A Dizziness of Things I Have Not Said
On-View: 30 August – 31 August, 2019
Vernissage: 30 August from 6 pm to 11 pm
Music by Blank Sun + special guests beginning at 8:00 pm
5 Avenue Fairmont, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1X4

OTTAWA, Ont., 12 August, 2019 – Join us at the new Black Squirrel Books space in Hintonburg (formerly General Assembly) for A Dizziness of Things I Have Not Said: a group exhibition of artworks by Florence Morissette, Melissa Ng, Erin Besseau, and Yuli Sato. The exhibition is on view from August 30 – 31, with an opening vernissage on Friday, August 30 from 6pm – 11pm. This exhibition features photography, installation, painting, and sculpture, with live music by Blank Sun + special guests starting at 8pm. Working with themes of memory, melancholy and nostalgia, the displayed works aim to create new physical and emotional spaces.

Utilizing found objects and photographs which have been recycled and transformed, Florence Morissette builds a dynamic self reflection through adaptable and ephemeral devices. Her works are a sampling of sensitive elements and show a contrasting intangibility and materiality, as well as a peculiar feeling between fragility and brutality. Morissette states: “These objects guide my research and installations, and are imposed to become the fate of a ruin, beautiful and vulnerable.” In her work , Fleur bleue, a blue flower hangs above a heaping mass of personal effects; there is a calm duality, a questioning of the everyday which is shadowed by the unreachable, by dreams and the infinite.

Melissa Ng, is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Mauritius, East Africa, and graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts and a minor in Music from the University of Ottawa in 2019. Ng recreates imaginary landscapes through painting and drawing, bringing together different pasts in order to highlight the natural world she grew up in. Inspired by research on her cultural heritage, history, and memories of her ancestors, Ng presents Where we belong, a mixed media piece telling the story of migrants who, while always looking towards their homeland, subconsciously find themselves acclimatizing to a new ecosystem: an environment which continually re-shapes them.

Working with abstract organic forms as well as deliberate geometric designs, Erin Besseau finds inspiration from the world around her. Playing with colours found in nature, Besseau attempts to balance the fluidity of natural forms with intentional, rigid line. For this exhibition, Besseau has created a large-scale, site-specific abstract mural entitled Hiraeth. Taken from the Welsh language, the term Hiraeth describes feelings of longing, nostalgia, and homesickness. Attempting to encapsulate a sentiment that is difficult to articulate, this mural aims to show the beauty of home and the familiar, while also exploring displacement and experiencing the unknown. Besseau graduated with an interdisciplinary BFA from NSCAD University in 2017.

Yuli Sato sources from autobiographical imagery to evaluate feelings of melancholy and isolation, as well as conflicts between strength and fragility. Since obtaining her BFA in Photography from Concordia University in 2013, Sato has been creating photographic and printed works which evoke a heavy sense of nostalgia. For this exhibition, the artist draws on her 35mm journal from a year living abroad in New Zealand, and has created a mixed media piece entitled To tread lightly. The piece is a fragmented, large-scale reproduction of a deceptively calm image. By employing suture-like bindings to connect the image fragments, Sato attempts to impose logic on disorder, calm unto unease.

Links / URLs
Florence Morissette: www.florencemorissette.com
Mel Ng: www.mel-ng.com
Erin Besseau: www.erinbesseauart.com
Yuli Sato: www.yulisato.com







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